The Independent Audit Function for South Carolina

Serving as the independent audit function for the state of South Carolina, our mission is to promote trust and confidence in state government. We work with state entities to ensure transparency and accountability, and enable them to achieve meaningful impact.

Our History

The position of State Auditor was created by legislative act in 1933, in a restructuring of the State Bank Examiner role during the Great Depression. In addition to banking institutions, the first State Auditor examined the records of state educational, charitable and correctional institutions as well as other state offices receiving public funds.

Over time, our duties and structure have evolved to respond to changing needs in state government.  Today we are an independent state audit function, partnering with state entities to ensure transparency and accountability.


The Office of the State Auditor is composed of three service delivery divisions supported by an administrative function. Each division is focused on a unique set of services, allowing our teams to provide specialized technical knowledge and useful insights to state government.


Our leadership team is composed of the State Auditor and Division directors who strive to ensure the delivery of high quality services.

Audit Managers

Using their in-depth knowledge and experience, our audit managers guide our staff providing services to state government.