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About SC OSA

The Office of the State Auditor serves as the independent audit function for the State of South Carolina.

Our assurance services enhance accountability and transparency in our state government. Through State Agency, Medicaid and Internal Audit Services delivery divisions, we strive to make a positive impact on behalf of South Carolinians.

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Working at SC OSA

I joined the OSA in the spring of 2022 and have truly appreciated my work life balance. The office has a great buddy and coach program to provide our new hires a good foundation to start. I have learned a lot from the seniors about audit work and communication skills in the past year. The best thing about the office is the flexibility they offer to maintain a healthy work life balance and they do their best to accommodate needs. OSA has assisted me with the process of obtaining my CPA license. I am grateful for the Office of the State Auditor and can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Mu Yang

The experience of working at the Office of the State Auditor has allowed me to grow exponentially as a person and professional. The office environment is one that cultivates productivity while simultaneously focusing on individual needs. Since starting at the office in June of 2021 I’ve been given substantial opportunity to advance my knowledge in many different areas. I’m very much looking forward to what my future here at OSA has in store!

Matthew Shoemaker

Working for the Office of the State Auditor has been a tremendous blessing! I have gained so much knowledge and experience working with the Medicaid Audit Division. The flexible work hours our office offers have been wonderful. Since starting in August 2015, I’ve gotten married and had a child while still enhancing my career. I love the opportunities I receive here!

Rebecca Balser